Esther Gehrke

About Me

I am Assistant Professor in the Section Economics (Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy) at Wageningen University. I am also member of the Research Group on Development Economics at the German Economic Association, associate member of EUDN, and CESifo research affiliate. I was recently awarded a VENI grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research to work on Educational Inequalities within Families. Find my latest CV here. 

Email: esther.gehrke[at]


I am an applied microeconomist with interests in development, education, agriculture, and demography. My current research projects largely focus on human capital investment decisions; of parents who are confronted with uncertainty about whether their children might have to drop-out of school early in rural areas of India, of adolescents in Cambodia who lack guidance about possible career paths, and of students in Mexico who are confronted with worsening immigration prospects to the United States. Find out more here 


At Wageningen University, I teach in the courses Introduction to Economics (AEP10303), Economics of Agribusiness (AEP33306) and Central Themes in the Economics of Development (DEC30306). At the University of Goettingen, I taught Evaluation of Rural Development Projects and Policies. Find out more here